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How can you efficiently plan your mold design while saving time and money with inMold.

Perfectly customized cast parts

The inMold planner gives you the possibility to identify and communicate potential problems quickly and effortlessly, from the very beginning of the mold construction process. It saves important resources and promotes cooperation between everyone involved in the process. Via our web-based, to-go solution, foundries, cast part customers and mold makers, can work together and cooperate to optimize the casting mold. This simple, data-safe collaboration avoids costly coordination cycles, as well as, software and license handling. All this to make finding offers more transparent and cost-efficient.

Tool Design

inMold provides fast and precise estimation of the necessary workload and costs by providing tools for detecting cores, preselecting sliders and checking demoldability. inMold combines all these and many other functions to ensure the most efficient tool-planning process.


Identifying necessary tools

The total workload can be estimated in a simple way, even without design resources - are the upper and lower cores sufficient for your project? Is the use of sliders necessary? With inMold you can clarify these and other matters in advance.


Cost planning

In order to establish a precise cost calculation, inMold automatically determines all important cost factors. For this purpose, by using casting data and simulating molding process, it calculates a theoretical mold division. In this way, we can determine volumes for material procurement, processing, as well as, surface sizes needed to be finished/smoothed.


Demoldability Check

Even at an early stage, inMold's demoldability test can determine the number of required sliders, as well as their directions and whether it would make more sense to fill the undercuts with a casting material.


Detecting Cores

In the area of mold casting, number, location and size of potential sand cores is decisive for determining costs. Analysis of the remaining material identifies sand cores without bounding the construction capacities.

Hotspot Analysis

Thanks to inMold’s intelligent online hotspot analysis, important properties and functions such as pourability, feed or pouring position, can be reliably and quickly checked. In this way, we can identify potential obstacles in advance and further optimize the geometry of the cast.


Planned cooling

In the first planning phase, inMold identifies areas which are more prone to problem occurrence, such as hotspots with insufficient feed, and propose necessary cooling solutions.



The hotspot analysis may also identify potential problems while designing feed. Depending on the situation of the feed, isolated hot areas may arise. They need to be resolved by either rescheduling the feed or cooling instalment.


Casting situation

The casting situation has a decisive influence on the number of sliders, remaining material and the formation of hotspots. inMold provides its user with a good overview on how casting actually operates and how sprue pipes optimally fit onto the cast part. It also offers a quick try-out of various casting layers to determine the optimal casting situation.

Information management

inMold enables an interactive and constructive project coordination between all participants. The exchange between foundries, mold builders and designers is simplified by clear tools for communication, task allocation and reliable documentation of the project agreements. This not only enables secure data exchange, but also makes agreements more efficient.


Communication tool

Instead of spreading the necessary information among many emails, inMold makes sure all information is safely stored in one place. In addition, unlike e-mails, you can restrict access to information for certain people or/and groups at any time, so that you have full control over the data access.


Safe exchange

Of course, when transferring the data, we work with strong encryption mechanisms, additionally supported by the Bundesdruckerei Certificate. In addition, since all data is located on German servers, it is therefore subject to the strict EU data protection regulations.



All additional information and to-dos are presented and stored in the form of a table with responsibilities and dates for each project.


Logging of project agreements

What was the stand of information between all of the project participants at a certain point in time? By keeping track of the history of applied changes, you can look back in time and check the status of information for a given point in time.

How do customers use inMold?

The construction of molds requires a lot of knowledge, imagination and experience. Read how inMold supports its customers with smart but simple solutions:

"What convinced me is the easy-to-use system, providing quick answers to possible problems. That is exactly what you need while designing a mold."

Christian Gose

Head of aluminum molds department

"With inMold, we can quickly identify possible mold design issues at the very early stage and thus create a well-founded offer."

Steen Nielsen

Head of acquisition

"We are using the Thermal Analysis on every project and reach a certainty of over 95 % during the cooling planning phase."

Sascha Müller

Designing engineer

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